A lot of our customers that scheduled our End of Tenancy Cleaning and were moving into a new property also happened to be renovating this new home of theirs which added even more pressure to the whole moving out process. They weren’t only dealing with the final cleaning and inspection but with builders and the mess they leave behind. If you are also improving your new home – no matter if it’s a small renovation or a big one, we know that you are stressed about whether the property will be ready for you to move in, and we are here to help you with that as well.

We present to you our one-of-a-kind After Builders Cleaning which is a service that will get rid of all sight of the builders and the huge mess so your new home is spotless and ready for you to move in.

What Does This Service Include?

Just like all other services of ours, our After Builders Cleaning is fully customizable. We pay attention to every requirement of yours so we can create the service you need.

This cleaning is hourly-based which means that you get to decide how many cleaners you want to be assigned to the property as well as for how long you would want them to work. This is very helpful when you don’t want us to cover the entire property but different rooms that were affected by the renovation. For example, if you only improve your kitchen, we can deep clean the kitchen as well as the hallway since that’s where all the debris and impurities will be located at. This will save you a ton of money!

Depending on your requirements, we will either cover the entire property or certain rooms. The cleaning itself will be top-to-bottom and all surfaces will be covered – floors, carpets, tables, fixtures, doorknobs, upholstery, etc. All rubbish will be removed, all surfaces will be left spotless, and in just one visit, your property will be ready for you to move in.

And if you do decide to combine our After Builders Cleaning with our End of Tenancy Cleaning, you will receive a discount.

In order to discuss your requirements, receive a FREE quote, and schedule our services you can contact us on 07418 354 476 any day of the week – we are available even during the weekends!

After Builders Cleaning Prices:

If the service is going to be performed in your home, the price is £18 per hour per cleaner while the price for Commercial cleaning is £19 per hour per cleaner.