Having your carpet professionally cleaned is very important for maintaining it spotless. It’s also crucial for its lifespan – after all, who wants to replace their expensive carpet every few years, right? Allowing an expert to come and deep clean it once a year is cheaper and will save you a ton of headaches. This is why we created our Carpet Cleaning – a service you can schedule seven days a week. In just one visit, our team is going to extract all impurities that are hiding in your carpet and will even remove the bacteria.

We know that you are regularly vacuuming your carpet which is incredible, however, in the long run, it’s not enough for removing all the accumulated debris and impurities.

Of course, this service is also suitable for combining with your End of Tenancy Cleaning. We know that you want to pass the final inspection more than anything right now and if there are dirty carpets on the property, an additional Carpet Cleaning is crucial.

But no matter why you are interested in this service, we want to tell you all about it and walk you through the steps our team follows.

We will bring all the necessary tools and machines on-site with us. Then we will inspect the carpet and determine its state and fabric of it. This will help us choose whether we need to treat stains or dirty patches prior to applying the hot water extraction which is the star of the show and is the cleaning method that will indeed lift all the impurities such as dirt and dust.

Once we have treated any stains, we will move on to applying hot water which will penetrate deep into the fabric, going all the way to the base. When we extract the moisture, all the impurities will be removed as well. And just like that, your carpet will be left spotless.

Want To Schedule This Service?

All you have to do is dial 07418 354 476 and we will take it from there. We will discuss all of your requirements, provide you with more information about the cleaning, and will calculate a FREE quote for you.

The price for your carpet cleaning will depend on the size, condition, and fabric of your carpet so keep in mind that our starting price is £26 for a small bedroom.

If you do combine our Carpet Cleaning with our End of Tenancy Cleaning, you will receive a lovely discount that will further lower your final price and will save you even more money!